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Chinese Social Media

  • Social media landscape in China is a parallel universe.
  • No-go list: Facebook, Youtube (Google), Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.
  •  What are the popular ones: WeChat(Moment), Weibo, Q-zone, Douban, Zhihu (Quora), Tianya. Oh yes, LinkedIn.
Social Media Presence

We help set up your Chinese social media accounts, get through the paperwork and live with proper brand presence.

  • Account Set-up and Verification
  • Platform-specific Design
  • Account Revamp
  • Function-based Development
wechat weibo
Paid Advertising On Social Media

Each social media platform has its unique advertising policies and there’re many platforms  – that’s the challenge of launching social advertising in China. Our services include:

  • WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, Zhihu….paid advertising:
    • Account Promotion
    • Campaign/Branding Promotion
    • App Download
    • Content Amplification
  • Native, In-feed Social Ad / Display
  • Creative Format: Text/Image/Video
Community Management

We have an operating team taking care of your Chinese social media accounts, creating content, planning campaigns and engaging with followers. Services are:

  • Follower Acquisition/Engagement
  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Daily Management
  • Campaign-based Promotion