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Having Dodged Great Fire Wall Blockage, Your Website is Accessible to Chinese Users?

Either by using your direct URL or keying in brand/company name on search engines, if someone in China wants to visit your company’s website and he/she is not your employee or business partner, a strong interest in your business or even the potential of acquiring new customer is implied. Unfortunately, due to special network environment in China, users have to tolerate super slow web page loading speed, or even worse, your website may not be accessible or viewable at all.

Demo of Foreign Website Speed Testing Result in China

The root causes are complicated, including IT architecture, network environment compatibility, required web certification for China and etc.

Perhaps you have had plan to enter Chinese market. Obviously, what we have mentioned before is far from the quality customer experience you want to deliver. Translating website content into Chinese is a way to work around it. However, the quality and accuracy of translation may not meet your expectation.

Your marketing team may be aware that video assets are popular in China, so they prepare intriguing and diverse webinars and short videos and upload to YouTube as well as embed them into web pages, only to find customers in China cannot play them since YouTube is blocked there.

Of course, truly persistent visitors and your company’s diehard fans would tolerate these defects, but if you plan to expand your business in China, a better solution has to be put into place.

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, and is the entrance of internet for Chinese people. Knowing how to operate on Baidu is part of the key to business success in the local market. In order to make your website appear in front of relevant users, you should make it easy to find in SERP with a series of relevant searching key words, including branding, general, functional and even competitive words. Optimizing website coding to comply with the algorithm of Baidu is also highly recommended. Moreover, if you have budget to invest PPC of search engine, you can start your paid search advertising campaign after acquiring Internet certification required by Chinese government.

Website Localization & Optimization Check List

1Test and optimize accessibility and pages loading speed.
2 Translate content to Chinese, review and localize it.
3Ensure your media hosting is accessible in China.
4SEO specially for search engines in China, like Baidu, 360 and Sougou.
5Acquire internet certifications from Chinese government.
6Develop traffic drive-to, like paid search or programmatic display

Last but not the least, good localization and continuous optimization could boost your business in China market. Discover defects, resolve, and finally win.

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Stephen Shi

Senior Consultant of WestOeast