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An Overview to University Recruiting Market in China

7.95 million university students graduate in 2017 in China. The number was 7.65 million in 2016. If counting the unemployed population from 2016, in total there’re 15 million university students who’re searching for jobs in 2017 graduation season.

How do Chinese university students search for job opportunities? Are they using LinkedIn or do they prefer offline networking event? westOeast team spent time researching the popular university recruiting sites among the graduate students.

In general, this market is fragmented with multiple recruiting channels and formats. There’re general job boards like “ZPIN”(NYSE) and “JOBS”(NASDAQ). There are also “LinkedIn” liked social hiring sites such as “” and “Chitu” (App).

In terms of channels, these following 12 categories could well summarize how Students in China search for jobs. We provide a few examples under each point for you to get some ideas.

In addition to these, there are sites/recruiting Channels based in North America. Often time, these sites gathered students by industry/subject.

Sites catering to Chinese students studying overseas

Let us know if you’re interested in offering related services to Chinese students. westOeast team are happy to help.