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Having Dodged Great Fire Wall Blockage, Your Website is Accessible to Chinese Users?

Either by using your direct URL or keying in brand/company name on search engines, if someone in China wants to visit your company’s website and he/she is not your employee or business partner, a strong interest in your business or even the potential of acquiring new customer is implied. Unfortunately, due to special network environment in China, users have to tolerate super slow web page loading speed, or even worse, your website may not be...

How’s China’s Uber Doing?

It was almost a year ago that Uber merged with its China rival Didi - August. 1st, 2016. How are they both doing as of today? This chart below actually gives quite a clear view. Although Didi is generally unknown in the mainstream world, just by its dominance in China, it's actually not falling behind that much. With its integration inside WeChat Wallet, the presence of Didi inside the most powerful social/life App in China actually...