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Industry: Entertainment  |  Audience: Canadian Chinese in GTA  |  Platforms: Social Media 

As Canada’s premiere home of cinema, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is dedicated to presenting the best of international and Canadian cinema and creating transformational experiences for film lovers and creators of all ages and backgrounds. westOeast, together with SinoLux Film, worked unanimously with TIFF, pinpointing the best way to reach and connect with Chinese movie lovers. We were obliged to build a readily available channel for Chinese-speaking audiences to access the best International and Canadian cinema and subsequently transform the way they see the world with the most dynamic storytelling means via the most frequently used platform.

Get to Know Your Audiences

730 members were mobilized in the Toronto Film Club survey and both qualitative and quantitative data were collected to depict accurate target audience profiles. After a thorough analysis of Chinese moviegoers’ characteristics, preferences and expectations, a corresponding marketing strategy fell into place.

Social Media Presence Set-up and Optimization

Considering how deeply WeChat and Weibo are ingrained in Chinese cyberculture, changes were implemented to TIFF’s Chinese social media platforms to adapt to user habits of the specific group.

The transition from private account to official account not only entitled TIFF to special features and functions on Chinese social media platforms, but alongside with account name and description update, reinforced customer brand identification.

From WeChat QR Code to Weibo cover photo/background image, by redesigning the graphic elements and configuration on TIFF’s social media sites, we rendered the overall visual effect more vibrant and organized to better present TIFF’s brand image and appeal to Chinese moviegoers.

The Art of Sharing Art

Having fully grasped the unique fan culture in China, we worked with TIFF on its content and message delivery strategies in accordance with different features of each social media platforms to effectively reach target audiences. A series of Chinese movie titles were successfully promoted with several bouts of social media buzz stirred up, which won great exposure for the festival.

We successfully made its voice out to external media and audience. During the event,

  • Copious high-quality content was generated. 9 key opinion leaders were approached and voluntarily helped promote TIFF on a myriad popular western and Chinese social media platforms. We worked with KOLs and put forward promotive content such as movie review and filmmaker interview which facilitated the understanding of Chinese film industry and culture.
  • The promotion of TIFF reached the zenith during festival season under the auxiliary of celebrity Chinese social media accounts such as renowned Chinese director Zhangke Jia and widely-known movie review blog 桃桃淘电影. Furthermore, fan groups of Chinese stars featuring in the exhibited movies were contributing to the promotion of the event by fervently sharing and mentioning TIFF.
  • Movie lovers’ awareness of TIFF’s Chinese social media presence has been raised and they were motivated to actively engage with our official account. We have received numerous inquiries during the festival concerning movie news and schedules to which we gave back prompt reply directly. It helped draw Tiff closer to movie goers and enhance interactions and fostering the bond.

TIFF 2018 was Wrapped but Engagement Remains to be Continued

The curtain fell on the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. Nevertheless, our passion for sharing excellent motion pictures wouldn’t just end there. Tiff would dig more into Chinese culture and film industry and keep on dedicated to producing and curating content targeting Chinese audiences, such as Asian filmmaker interview, retrospective exhibition of Chinese films, Chinese Spring Festival special events and many more. Quality content output will continue to be delivered to our Chinese movie lovers while we are patiently waiting to celebrate TIFF 2019 together.