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Nordic Naturals Logistics

Industry: Nutrition & Supplement  |  Product: Omega-3 Products  |  Platforms: E-commerce sites like

You may find laws and regulations to introduce your products to China are quite different from where you begin your business;
You may get quite confused when faced with red tapes concerning store launch, both online and offline;
You may be trapped by seemingly endless forms and applications if you want to transport your goods to China.

We know your pain points and we provide solutions.

Nordic Naturals, the world leading manufacturer of Omega-3 fish oil supplier, enjoys nearly half of marine-based Omega-3 fish oil market share in United States. However, with such reputation, no brand owned direct official selling channel in China has been set up until 2018. Logistics concerns are said to be the bugbear of theirs.

westOeast partnered with Nordic Naturals to help launch its JD Worldwide Flagship Store on and be responsible for its daily operation as well as marketing strategies. With a detailed and comprehensive logistics plan developed and executed by westOeast, batches of products had been successfully transported from NN factory in United States to the bonded area in Ningbo Province, China, where JD warehouse is situated.

We understand that China’s complicated regulatory environment and not-clearly-illustrated declaration process can be painstaking for even the most sophisticated foreign players. Therefore, our familiarity and experience in these areas can be a valuable resource for these new-comers for their products shipping to China. WestOeast will walk you through every step of the whole logistics process, so your product can be seen by China’s 800 million online shoppers in no time.

Process in 6 Steps

  • Contract Signing
  • Store Customs Filing & Product Customs Filing
  • Information Maintenance
  • Product Dispatch and Transportation
  • Warehouse Entry
  • Order Testing and Ready for Sale

Through the well-planned preparation, quick response to unpredicted incidents as well as constantly efficient communication with the brand and, we opened the online store with ready inventory before the Single’s Day shopping frenzy on November 11. During that one day, Chinese consumers spent a record-high 160 billion USD on

We know who to speak to and we have access.

Product logistics involves numerous steps as well as personnel who are in charge of different steps. With our extensive experience and network of resources, we not only know how to negotiate and communicate with different personnel during the logistics process, we can also utilize our resources to create opportunity for the brand to have a direct dialogue with ecommerce platforms for topics such as logistics optimization. Apart from that, westOeast also pride our specialty in marketing and communications in China. We handled not only daily operations of NN JD store but also branding and digital marketing tactics of NN.

We have a team knowing what work for you best.

What also sets westOeast out is the people who know their work better than anyone. WestOeast has two highly and equally professional teams, both fully bilingual, based in China and North America. Wherever you are located and whatever time zone you are in, we will always find the plan through internal coordination for you without any communication delay or inefficiency.

We believe that Chinese ecommerce will continue to thrive.

The dominance in Ecommerce industry of China is still continuing and will undoubtedly attract more foreign names to join the party. Taking advantage of China’s policy and the complete logistics process we’ve built, you will be able to get a step further without huge capital commitments or even a physical presence in China.

Drop us a line or schedule a free consultation meeting with us at It will be our honor to be a part of your prosperity in China.