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Industry: Consumer Electronics  |  Product: Air Purifier  |  Platforms: Zhihu 


In recent years, poor air quality in Beijing and major cities in China has closed schools and caused residents in the region to panic over the lack of sunlight. Protective face masks have become a common day-to-day sight; air purifier is one of the most popular entrepreneurial ideas. Especially during winter and spring, when most of the families turn on the heaters, smog is usually way worse. The country and the people living under the smog are no doubtly depressed.

China is taking steps to address the issue, however, it’s a long-term effort. The pollution levels spark boom in sale of face masks and air purifiers. Nevertheless, there’re more people still in eager search of their preferred air purifier brand and somehow clueless. Air purifier is a costly investment plus there’re so many details to compare before making a purchase decision.

Blueair is a leading air purifier manufacturer innovated with love in Sweden. They came to us with the hope of how to better communicate the brand proposition in this competitive and rapidly growing market. This market is lucrative so everyone is jumping in. There’re too many products plus it’s not easy to understand the environmental jargons. Moreover, it’s affecting the indoor life quality so consumers are extremely cautious.


We think of a selected premium knowledge community –, the Chinese Quora. We believe in-depth discussion among subject matter experts will work best to demonstrate the brand and the product. After the platform is picked then is the content topic. Content curation needs to be carefully balanced against being too salesy or too irrelevant. Plus, Zhihu as a platform, will delete commercial like QAs for better user experience.

We crafted a question called “What are the examples of a company taking care of its employees?” Of course, installing air purifier in the office in a smog blanketed city is a must check.

The campaign is designed based on a thorough understanding of this platform, on how its user interactions are designed. On Zhihu, the Chinese Quora, every follow, answer, like, share to a question, will leave a mark on your timeline, thus the followers will be able to see your reactions to certain questions.

During campaign, we have

  • 1 KOL (HR Background) raised the question, follower 17,000+
  • 2 KOLs then followed the question, total followers 216,000+
  • 2 KOLs answered the question, their 210,000+ followers could see the answer.
  • 7 KOLs liked the answers, exposed to over 1,400,000 followers.

By leveraging the Quora-like forum/platform to its most, this campaign has engaged 12 KOLs/Influencers, with coverage of total 1,843,000 users on One of the two answers was recommended to Zhihu index page and the other was getting the most likes under that question