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1 Sole Winner out of 3,000,000 Reposters

How Alipay “Chinese Koi” lucky draw campaign became a sensational phenomenon Background Alipay, a third-party mobile and online payment platform affiliated to Alibaba, kicked off its lucky draw event on Weibo, widely known as a Chinese social media hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, right before the week-long Chinese national holiday, which is commonly when travel spending peaks. Aimed at encouraging Chinese overseas travelers to use its app as the means of payment, Alipay announced that it would randomly...

Chinese Community In Canada – 2016 Census Findings

As multicultural marketers, we always try to find the data that can help understand the Chinese community in Canada. Starting August 2017, Statistics Canada released the 2016 Canada Census data covering language, Immigration, and ethnocultural diversity. To get insights about Chinese community, we went through all the dataset and variables including the Chinese languages as the Mother Tongues and the Language Spoken at Home, and Chinese as a Visible Minority. The findings below are grouped into...

An Overview to University Recruiting Market in China

7.95 million university students graduate in 2017 in China. The number was 7.65 million in 2016. If counting the unemployed population from 2016, in total there're 15 million university students who're searching for jobs in 2017 graduation season. How do Chinese university students search for job opportunities? Are they using LinkedIn or do they prefer offline networking event? westOeast team spent time researching the popular university recruiting sites among the graduate students. In general, this market is fragmented...

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The “Moment” to Act – WeChat moment ad is now available to overseas advertisers

Finally, gone are the days of inbound traffic only WeChat ad! WeChat moment (in-feed) ad is now open to outbound targeting to countries outside of China. The first 16 regions/countries to benefit from the change are listed as below. To those who always want to leverage WeChat as their Chinese marketing channel, this is now the moment to act. Asia HK, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand North America US, Canada Europe Germany, France, UK, Italy Oceania Australia, New Zealand This might be the single...

How’s China’s Uber Doing?

It was almost a year ago that Uber merged with its China rival Didi - August. 1st, 2016. How are they both doing as of today? This chart below actually gives quite a clear view. Although Didi is generally unknown in the mainstream world, just by its dominance in China, it's actually not falling behind that much. With its integration inside WeChat Wallet, the presence of Didi inside the most powerful social/life App in China actually...